Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Tart

If you love caramel and peanut butter then you will sell your first born child for a slice of this tart. Its’ nearly raw – the peanut butter is the only exception (you can’t eat raw peanuts peeps – they toast them to improve flavor and get rid of aflatoxins) and is packed with good nutrition. A slice of this will satisfy most of your calcium requirements – dates, cashews AND buckwheat are all excellent sources of calcium.

You will need:

A food processor or thermomix

A high-speed blender or thermomix

A press out non-stick tart pan

A freezer

To make the base… 


½ cup raw almonds

1 large medjool date (or 2 small)

1tbsp maple syrup

3tbsp organic peanut paste (100% peanuts)

¾ cup Loving Earth buckinis


Place almonds in the food processor and process on high until you have almond flour.

Add the maple syrup, date and peanut paste and process until a fine crumb (it should look like coarse breadcrumbs).

Add the buckinis and stir through (you want to keep these whole for crunch).


Press this mixture into a pre-form tart pan that has been greased with coconut oil in the serrated bits, so it pops out easier. Make sure it is nice and compact and covering the bottom half of the pan.

Put it in the freezer and get cracking on the filling.


To make the filling…


2 cups raw cashews, soaked for 1-2 hours then drained

5 medjool dates, soaked for 1-2 hours then drained

1tbsp cold pressed macadamia oil

1 tsp vanilla powder

1tsp Himalayan salt

¾ – 1 cup of purified water


Place all ingredients in your high-speed blender or thermomix and blend until super smooth. Start with ¾ cup of water and then slowly increase. You want a beautiful thick cream.

caramel tart 2

Grab your tart out of the freezer and add the filling, smoothing it with a spatula to get it nice and even. Pop it back in the freezer to set.

After 2-3 hours you can get it out of the freezer. Grab some raw chocolate (I used the Loving Earth hazelnut) and melt it on very low heat. Drizzle over the top with dramatic effect.

You can leave this in the freezer until ready to serve – slice it frozen and give it a few minutes to defrost before digging in for that perfect texture.

caramel and peanut butter slice