I will try to drop most things for a chance to share my thoughts and message with the media. If you’d like me to help with a story or comment on a hot topic, email me at or call 07 3367 0337 to be given my direct line.

Wellspring Magazine

Cover Story

I I was interviewed in Wellspring magazine, talking about my philosophy around health and how I am shaking up the natural health industry.

Read the full article here!

Nature and Health July 2015

Winter Wellness Tips

I share my top tips for staying well during winter.

Wellbeing Magazine Issue 154

5 Natural Fixes to Beauty Woes

I talk about what to eat to help acne and which foods to avoid.

Interview with 612ABC about release of Get Well, Stay Well

Good Health Magazine December 2014

Goodbye Hangover

I talk about some hangover prevention tips leading up to the festive season in this issue of Good Health magazine.

Today Show 23rd September 2014

Paracetamol Dangers News Bulletin

I was interviewed on the Today show about the dangers of overusing paracetamol in children after a concerning study emerged. I share my opinions on how we need to rethink the safety of this drug to avoid tragedies occurring.

Curtin FM 100.1 Perth

Osteoporosis risk after gastric surgery 

I was interviewed by Jenny Seaton on Curtin FM about a study which found that those who had gastric weight loss surgery had a much high risk of getting osteoporosis.


body-and-soul-article-July-2014-pg2-750 x 502

Body and Soul, Sunday Mail, 27th July 2014

Maximise the Benefit of Common Food Combos

In this article I discuss which foods combine best with other when eaten and which combinations to avoid.


612ABC Radio 25th July 2014

Live broadcast on the grass outside the ABC studios

Interview with Steve Austin on ABC radio about the benefits of wheatgrass.

Katherine on 2ser radio

2SER FM June 2014

Are Saturated Fats Healthy?

I discuss if saturated fats really are healthy or not on 2SER radio.

wellbeing coverWellbeing Magazine Issue 131

Adult ADHD Treatment

In this article on adult ADHD, I discuss the dietary treatment options and what can help people with ADHD to function at their peak.

Read the full article online here.