Thyroid Masterclass

Katherine Maslen
Shift Brisbane
9:00 am - 10:30 am AEST

About this event

When our thyroid is out of whack, we’re tired, moody and have a heap of other symptoms that make it hard for us to live our lives. Thyroid disorders are happening more and more, and it’s one of the main things we help patients with at Shift.

In this eye-opening workshop, you’ll see that there is so much more to your thyroid than simply thyroid hormones. While the medical management of thyroid disorders is quite straightforward, it often isn’t completely effective due to the complex nature of the thyroid, which can make it hard to get it functioning right.

This workshop is hosted by Katherine Maslen.

In this workshop, you’ll discover…

  •   The real reasons behind your sluggish thyroid (hint – it’s a secondary condition)
  •   Beyond TSH – how to look at T3, T4, Reverse T3 and other important thyroid blood tests
  •   The reason why thyroxine often does not work
  •   What foods could be harming your thyroid
  •   Which nutrients and foods your thyroid needs to work
  •   Autoimmune thyroid conditions – Graves and Hashimoto’s, and what natural options there are to help
  •   How your adrenals and stress levels are connected to your thyroid gland, and what to do to help

There’s really too much info to share here! The feedback we get from this workshop is insanely positive, and you’ll leave us feeling much more aware of what’s really going on and what you need to do next.

This workshop is for you if…

  •    You’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease
  •   You suspect your thyroid isn’t right, but your bloods come back ‘normal’
  •   You’re taking Thyroxine, but you’re still not better
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a goitre, or thyroid nodules

Your investment..

$ – (free for our members).

Early Bird – 

Tickets are limited to 20 people. You’ll have time to ask Katherine all of your questions. This event WILL sell out so book your tickets now to avoid missing out!

Katherine has helped thousands of patients and has been presenting these workshops for 13 years. We guarantee you’ll walk away with something valuable and ready to implement as a result of attending.

Who are Shift?

At Shift, we help people shift their health and their life. We’ve helped thousands of people to shift their health with our workshops, naturopathic appointments and natural health memberships.

We have hosted over 300 workshops on health and wellness. Our workshops are presented by qualified, clinical practitioners that have the experience and expertise to offer you real-world advice that is backed by the latest science.

The number one aim of these workshops is to give you actionable steps that you can take home and implement right away so that you can make your next big shift.

We hope to see you there!

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Katherine Maslen


Hey, I’m Katherine Maslen, naturopath, nutritionist, host of The Shift podcast, author and renegade for health. Since completing 2 bachelor degrees in health science over 12 years ago, I’ve been helping peeps just like you to be their best through awesome health. I’ve spent most of this time one on one in clinical practice – in the trenches with my clients to navigate them through the minefield that is imperfect health.

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